Friday, November 9, 2007

My step son

My husband, stepson and I went out clubbing together and as the night went on I got that little more drunk, along with hubby and my stepson, anyway at about 11 pm. my hubby was on the dance floor giving it some large moves while I was sitting at the table with my stepson.

I noticed him looking at me in a sexual way, stirring between my legs as I had a very short skirt on and a pink thong as my hubby wanted me to be kinky for him, well obviously my stepson could see it. It felt strange but I didn’t cross my legs, I sat back a bit with my bottle of bud and opened my legs a little more just to see what he would do. Sure enough he kept his eyes firmly fixed on my pussy. It started to turn me on, the thought of my own stepson looking at my pussy barely covered by a skimpy little thong. I started to get wet and my pussy started to throb, why I have no idea.
I wanted to see how far I could go before he looked away or got up, so I moved my hand to my leg and slowly moved it up towards my pussy until I reached it, then I started to rub my pussy through my thong, still he watched without even looking to see if I had noticed him.

What I did notice was his cock in his trousers though it was hard and that really turned me on. I moved my thong so my pussy was in full view and started to finger myself, it was then when he got up.
Oh shit I thought to myself and then he said the words "where is dad" fuck I’ve blown it now lol.

My legs went to jelly and I was shitting myself, I had no choice and pointed him out on the dance floor. My stepson looked over to see where he was and looked back at me, and told me to stand up. as I stood up he took my hand and walked off almost dragging me, I was in a state at this point not knowing what he was going to say to my hubby, but to my surprise he went right past the dance floor and dragged me outside and flagged down a taxi. he bluntly told me we were going home and didn’t say much after that, in the taxi on the way home we both sat in the back, I didn’t know what to say I couldn’t even look him in the eye, then I felt his hand on my leg, my heart stopped again, and I took a breath as his hand moved up my leg over my stockings and onto my already throbbing pussy. I looked at him and he just looked straight ahead as if he was unaware of what his hand was doing. I felt his fingers move my thong to one side and he pushed his fingers into my pussy. I lay back in the seat and opened my legs for him and he fingered me while rubbing my clit with his thumb. He did this till we got home and then it went off.

As soon as the door was closed we were both naked and he threw me onto the sofa.

Wait I asked him but he told me to shut up and called me a dirty little bitch. Then he went down on me and sucked my clit and licked my pussy, he started to tongue fuck my pussy hole so deep his lips were pressing against my pussy lips. I was soaked and so was his face, I started to cum but he didn’t stop he continued to suck me and I could feel my cum oozing out onto his face and mouth and down the crack of my ass onto the sofa. He then knelt up between my legs. I want to say something to him but again he said shut up, and informed me that I was a filthy slut and he was going to fuck me. He walked off and came back with a tea towel and gagged me. He then ran his hands between my legs again and I felt his fingers slip inside me and the other hand went down too and felt his fingers probing my ass hole, then in one swift move he pushed 2 fingers up my ass, he was finger fucking both his mums holes and it felt fucking wonderful.

he took my hand and took me up to my bad, he stood me facing the bed and pushed me so I fell face first on the bed and as soon as I landed he was at my hands tying me up to the bed. And then my feet until I was star shaped still gagged. I felt him between my legs and he rubbed his cock all around my pussy and then it slid into me, he fucked me for ages and ages and I wanted to scream with pleasure. I felt him cum inside me and he held my hips tight as he thrust into my hole. he pulled out and fingered me again, he would not untie me, he must have been fingering me for a good 5 mins before I felt his cock at my hole again, I didn’t think I would be able to go again but surprise he wasn’t intending to fuck my pussy. his cock pushed against my ass hole and he pushed a little harder until the head slipped in, I moaned out and he pushed my head down into the pillow, and said " I told you to fucking shut up and take this cock you dirty little fucking bitch or ill tell my dad" he then gave a big thrust and his cock went in, fuck that was the greatest, I’ve never done that before and now my own stepson is fucking my ass it was great. he fucked and fucked until he came and he shot it all over my ass hole, cheeks and pussy, he then untied me and gagged me and told me to get dressed but not to wipe my cum off me. I got dressed and we went back to the club where my hubby was wondering about looking for us. I sat at the table with my stepson and hubby and drank another bottle of bud while my stepson sat there smiling at me. he sent me a text while we were sitting there saying how good I was and next time he was going to fuck me while dad is downstairs watching TV, and also how he wants to see me rub my pussy again for him while I’m at the table. He promised that if I rubbed my clit and pussy so he could watch then he would sneak downstairs later tonight and meet me and make love to me. How could I resist as he was so good and big. So I sat there and rubbed away for him…

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